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This interactive teaching program enables you to learn about Neuroscience in a comfortable fashion. You can select either teaching, where the program will immediately evaluate your answer and will ensure that you will be able to correctly answer the question without any help. You can also try the "Final test" where you can test your knowledge under time constraints. The system remembers where you finished so that you can stop at any time and continue later from any computer.


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Questions (c) William J. Anderson, Ph.D, Teaching system (c) Neuralgen s.r.o.

Please choose from the selection above. With the first choice - Teaching - you can select the way of teaching and the section to teach, and proceed to teaching. The system remembers the questions you already know and adapts your path through the course according to your skills and acquired knowledge. With the next choice you will start the final test on the course subject matter. The next choice enables you to print problematic questions to take them away and learn them off-line. To get information about your progress in this course, select the next choice. The last two choices will end the course - either without or with logging out of the server. You can log out at any time; next time, you will continue where you interrupted.

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